1974: La posesi贸n de Altair (Limited Blu-ray/CD set w/ Slipcase)

1974: La posesi贸n de Altair (Limited Blu-ray/CD set w/ Slipcase)

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One of the Most Horrifying Events in Mexican History

When newlywed Altair claims to have found a way of communicating with God, she builds a black brick door in her bedroom but her increasingly erratic behavior points to something more sinister. Her spiral is documented on the 8mm films shot by her husband and later found after their disappearance.聽 聽

Cauldron Films is proud to present the world wide Blu-ray debut of the Mexican found footage film 1974: La posesi贸n de Altair. Shot on super8 film and directed by Victor Dryere,聽this meticulously created descent into madness uses atmosphere and brooding sound design to shape an unnerving experience.聽

鈥ound design featurette
鈥D Soundtrack
鈥2 double sided mini lobby cards (limited edition only)
鈥igh quality side loaded slipcase (limited edition only)
鈥everse Blu-ray wrap with alternate artwork
鈥imited to 1500 copies
鈥panish 5.1 Surround
鈥panish 2.0 Stereo
鈥ptional English subtitles
鈥ptional Spanish subtitles
鈥ll Region

2016 / Mexico / Horror, Found Footage / Director - Victor Dryere